Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Only $14 extra this year in gas for a 560 mile trip.

Gas was $3.79 (on average) this past Memorial day weekend between Dallas/Fort Worth and San Antonio. Something like 70 ¢ more than it was last year. And you know what?

San Antonio was busier, all weekend, than it was last year. Mostly with tourists. Tourists that had to drive there. Like us. We took the Focus (not my gas-guzzling F150) on the 280 mile trek straight down I-35. Sure, it hurt to pay fifty bucks to fill it up, but hey, you can't live as a hostage to gas prices. As far as numbers go, it probably cost us $14 more in gas to go there this year than it did last year. So I am tired of hearing about people not driving places because of gas prices. Unless they are unemployed.

San Antonio is a popular place. I guess, since last year anyway, Memorial Day Weekend in San Antonio has become an annual tradition for me and my wife. It's like New Orleans--without the stench. Or the drunk people showing their ta-tas. There is booze, mind you, especially down on the Riverwalk. But, among the crowds (and there were crowds), I didn't see anybody that appeared over the legal limit. Because anybody who is drunk enough to not be able to walk straight will fall into the river. Seriously, the Riverwalk may be handicapped-accessible, but just barely. One guy in an Amigo old-person's electric scooter will take up the whole sidewalk. I know this to be a fact. Try to go around and you can easily end up in three feet of slow-moving water.

The Riverwalk is a great place, even with all the crowds. There is some good food down there, and not all of it is overpriced. (County Line Bar-B-Que is one of my favorite BBQ places in the country). Also, the 2 1/2 mile river cruise is a relaxing way to spend 30 minutes and eight bucks.

Also of note is the Market Square where you can buy fresh Mexican food from street vendors (try the Gorditas and the fresh fruit drinks) or from a few different restaurants. My very favorite Mexican restaurant is the Mi Tierra Café which is open 24 hours and has wonderful Mexican breakfasts, and a pastry counter that must be a mile long. There is also lots of shopping, if you like shopping for Mexican stuff.

And, if you haven't been to the Alamo, it is worth the visit. It is a free tour (they operate on donations) and you will learn some great history (turns out Davy Crockett was a real person… I failed History).

Among the tourist traps, there are the old standards such as Ripley's, Guiness (as in world records, not beer) and a wax museum, plus the Tower of the Americas, which is worth the $10 ticket, if only for the view.

So, if you can afford the gas, I encourage you to visit San Antonio, one of the nicest places in the great state of Texas.

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